From the Pink Elephant project. Photo by Kim Newmoney.

Elijah Cameron, or sometimes Eli, is drawing dark comics with bright colors.

Eli has been drawing forever but graduated in Graphic Design in 2014; with honors, and a focus in branding strategy and printing. After completing 2 internships, and 2 years experience in print design, Eli went back to drawing.

Eli now works as a freelance illustrator and is drawing MAGIC Pixie Dream Girl, a horror magical girl web comic that updates Tuesdays on Webtoons.

Photo from Pink Elephant in the Room project shot with Kim Newmoney.


MAGIC Pixie Dream Girl • Web Comic 2018-present Hourly Comic Day • Comic Zine 2018-2019 Kanto Memories • Coloring Book 2017 Because I Could Not Stop For Death • Comic Zine 2015 Neil Gaiman’s “Dandelions” • Illustrated Book Design 2014


Princess and the Frog Blue Skies & Sunshine • Artbook 2019 Super Mario Bros. Pretty in Peach • Artbook 2019
Mad Max Fury Road Shiny & Chrome • Artbook 2015 Yu Yu Hakusho • Artbook 2015