From the Pink Elephant project. Photo by Kim Newmoney.

Elijah Cameron, or sometimes Eli, is drawing sad comics with bright colors.

Eli has been drawing forever but graduated in a Graphic Design in 2014, with honors and a focus in branding strategy and printing. After completing 2 internships and 2 years experience in the design, Eli went back to drawing.

You can find Eli drawing around North Carolina conventions; and sharing art on social media.

Photo is from my Pink Elephant in the Room project shot by Kim Newmoney.


Hourlies // Comic Zine 2018

Kanto Memories // Coloring Book 2017

Because I Could Not Stop For Death // Comic Zine 2015



Mad Max Fury Road
Shiny & Chrome // 2015

Yu Yu Hakusho Artbook // 2015